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Today is National Bow Tie Day – believe it. So, to celebrate I wanted to take this opportunity to show off my growing collection.

Currently I own a humble assortment of three bow ties. Three is a good number. On the left is a silk bowtie that Leah designed for me specifically to match her dress for a wedding. It’s super light weight, 100% silk with a fun pattern fit for summertime parties.

My very first bow tie, pictured in the center, is a classy blue chambray. It was an early birthday gift, purchased from the fantastic Brooklyn shop  In God We Trust. It’s a go-to choice – looks great camouflaged blue on blue with my favorite chambray shirt, that way it’s a subtle look. “Was that guy wearing a bow tie?” – Yes, in fact, I was.

Finally, the most recent addition on the right is the one I’m currently excited about. It’s of the light weight, 100% wool variety. Coffee brown, dark enough to pull off a formal look, but on the other hand, looks just fine with a work shirt and rolled up sleeves. It’s handmade in San Francisco by Smith Brand Bow Ties.

It’s great to see a brand take enough care in the packaging to add details throughout. I mean, a wax seal, really?… So rad. When it arrived in the mail I kind of obsessed on taking pictures of it. Check out the gallery below for more images.

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